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Can parents or employers supervise their children or employee's phone and computer activity?

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney, nor do I pretend to be one.  This is not legal advice and I encourage you to contact an attorney to cover yourself legally.

However, as a mobile phone forensics examiner, this is also a question I got all the time.  Because of this, I wanted to at least let you know that YES, there are products which allow cell phone monitoring and parental controls to monitor their child's cell phone activities. 

Parental Monitoring: technically speaking, (and probably from a legal standpoint too), a parent should own the device and have proper consent to monitor that phone.  Parents must be the legal guardian of the child who will be monitored.

Monitoring Employees: employers wishing to monitor an employee's cell phone and/or computer must have consent forms and usage policies in place which should be signed.  

Notifications: anyone being monitored should be informed of such activities.  The products mentioned here are not stealth and only to be used for legitimate purposes.

Installation and Jail Breaking: some monitoring applications will require iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads to be jailbroken to install monitoring software.  When you purchase cell phone monitoring software, you will be agreeing that you understand this.  With this said, the software I am showing you here is for you to monitor your child or monitor your employee, whom you have a legal right to do so.

Below is a link to a product which may assist in what you are seeking as well as price ranges for the product or service. Disclaimer: these are affiliate links which means that I will earn a percentage of your purchase for referring you to their site. 

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